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Ages 13-17 Girls High School Hockey



As girls High School hockey continues to grow, Point Blank Hockey School strives to create a comfortable, up tempo atmosphere for girls ages 13-17 to learn, develop and prepare for their High School hockey career.


There are several avenues and outlets for AAA girls ice hockey and its players. Here at Point Blank we want to provide camps for the girls who want to try the game of hockey or have only been playing for a short time. Since the debut of our Girls High School camp we have helped countless players with little to no hockey experience gain the skills, confidence and knowledge to not only make their high school program, but continue on to make their Varsity squad and become a factor for their program.


A common misconception is that because there is no checking allowed in girls hockey, there is no physicality at all. Although it's true that there is no "open ice hitting or checking", there is still an important element of physical play and strength. At Point Blank's Girls High School camp the students will work on the skills needed to be strong on the puck and "body off" in order to gain control in all three zones.

Throughout the week, we will also work on:


  • Skating, Edgework, Stride and Crossovers

  • Transitions, Stopping and backwards skating

  • Agility and Strength (both on and off the ice)

  • Stick work, passing, shooting and skating with the puck

  • Game situational skills, positioning, break-outs, off-sides, icing and face-offs

  • Physical play, battle drills and break-aways