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Mini Mites

Our number one priority is the progress and well being of our Mini Mites. We encourage our skaters to work their hardest, communicate with eachother and ask questions if there is ever anything they don't understand. We will help our Mini Mites to develop a respect for the game and all involved; teammates, opponents, refs, coaches and especially themselves.

We will focus on the following skills: 

-Skating forwards and backwards with an emphasis on stride

-Transitions (stopping properly, crossovers and change of direction)

-Agility, balance, strength and recovery (getting up and back on their feet)

-Stick work (shooting, passing, stick handling and skating with the puck)


We will explain how each of the aforementioned drills prepare them for game situations. (ie.- by using crossovers, no speed is lost in changing directions, turning both directions so that sight of the puck is never lost). We will also focus on game situational skills such as positioning, off-sides, icing and face-offs.

In the end, we will provide a safe, energetic, positive and FUN atmosphere for  each player to learn and develop to their full potential.


Camp days consist of 3 hours of on-ice training (75 minute skate, 20 minute break with chalk talk and snacks followed by 75 more minutes on ice). On-ice training is followed by an hour of dry land training where we will play games, work on mobility, hand/eye coordination and agility. As much fun as it is for the kids to let loose playing games and/or running relay races, it is equally as fun for us as intructors to watch them grow and progress through the week!